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Design & Engineering

All design works undertaken by Trojan Fire Protection are carried out by our in-house design staff/engineers, thus providing practical, highly cost-effective and professionally engineered solutions to meet specific client requirements. 

Trojan Fire Protection utilises the latest BIM 3D REVIT AutoCAD software for coordination of building services resulting in agreed layouts/drawings for construction. These drawings are then utilised using approved hydraulic software to confirm pipe sizes and water supply requirements to fit system demands, client specification and standards  as stipulated in the contract.

A close liaison between Clients and Trojan Fire's Project Managers throughout the construction programme ensures a competent, compliant, timely and successful project outcome.

Fire Suppression Special Hazards

Trojan Fire Protection enjoys the reputation as being the market specialist in the management of Special Hazards. Their specialist design and engineering staff have extensive experience in Special Hazard Systems and understand the critical importance to protect and react with the ever-changing hazards which confront industry. Special hazard systems can be fully designed, installed and maintained to suit any specified international standards. 

Trojan Fire Protection has particular expertise in designing, supplying and installing special hazards systems for:

  • Power generation, switchboards, transformers -  Installation of Deluge Systems, Water Mist Systems, Argonite Gas Suppression, FM 200 Systems, IG541, CO2, Innergin and similar Composite Gas Suppression Systems.

  • Data Storage Facilities

  • Commercial Kitchens - Wet Chemical Kitchen Range Hood suppression systems for small commercial eateries to very large Kitchens where multiple integrated Wet Chemical systems are required

  • Bulk Fuel Storage, Aircraft Hangers, Water Mist, Deluge, Foam Systems 

This South Australian based company has established strong and professional relationships with key industry suppliers and companies such as

• LPG systems    • Kidde   • Fire Protection Technologies,

all being recognised as leaders in the varying types of Special Hazard fields.

Trojan Fire Protection offer you a full project service, from concept, to design, to installation, commissioning and finally routine testing.

Trojan Fire Protection can design, manufacture,and install a range of tailored and targeted sprinkler systems, each being task and risk specific.

We have extensive experience in a range of systems including standard sprinkler systems, pre-action and deluge systems, ESFR systems and high density in rack systems.

Recommendations for sprinklers relating to more complex systems and sites, whether new or for existing systems which require modification, may require a combination of several different types.

In these instances, Trojan Fire Protection can provide initial site surveys, budget proposals, advice on code compliance where building or occupancy changes have occurred, and design, construct and installation of systems as required.

Sprinkler Systems
Fire Alarms

Trojan Fire Protection has extensive experience in the design and installation of Fire Alarm/Detection systems. Whether it is a small warehouse or a large multistorey building, Trojan Fire Protection can offer advice and install a system that complements the most demanding building. 

A strong relationship has been forged between Trojan Fire Protection and the major Fire Alarm equipment suppliers and manufactures to ensure their clients receive the most cost-effective and appropriate fire protection system.

These suppliers and manufacturers include AMPAC, Brooks, Notifier, Simplex, Tyco and VESDA Alarm system, all considered to be world-class leaders in their fields, nationally and internationally.

Trojan clients can be assured that they will receive advice on world-class, highly reputable and best-practice systems.

Pipe Fabrication

Trojan Fire Protection undertakes all its pipe fabrication, including hydrant and sprinkler pipework, in their Welland workshops.

By having our own fabrication facility, we are better positioned to meet demanding delivery schedules and fully control the required quality assured standards.

This a distinct advantage over our competitors.

Further, we are also able to respond decisively and immediately to project, design change or sequence variation of pipe installation. This flexibility is a key advantage especially when working on fast-track projects.

All fire services pipework is fabricated in accordance with AS1554 and industry standards. Additionally, we can provide welding quality to AS4041 Radiograph Examination and other NDT requirements if required.

Trojan Fire Protection also manufactures pipework for various mechanical services contractors, plumbers, and fire services contractors and carries a large stock of pipe, fittings, valves etc suitable for emergency repairs or last minute tenancy alterations.

Quality assurance is an important factor within the management of the Trojan Fire Protection workshop and our pipe fabrication procedures and processes are clearly documented and regularly audited in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.



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